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 Energy: Conversions Module



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Energy: Conversions Module

This is the second of three modules fourth grade will complete this year. This module will take place every day during the students' science time from Feb. 12th-Mar. 25th. However, the students will be integrating their science with technology, engineering, math, and language arts. They will also be using the Innovator Skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving throughout this module. 

  • First, students will review concepts of potential and kinetic energy learned in the first module. Next, students will learn about forms of energy including thermal, light, nuclear, chemical, electrical, and mechanical. Students then learn about the conversion of energy between forms and the energy transfer required to move energy from place to place.

    After students have explored energy conversion and transfer, they are presented with a design problem involving moving large amounts of donated food from a truck to a food pantry.

     Throughout this module, we will be interweaving the Virginia Standards of Learning for science, language arts, math, and social studies.

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