• First aid treatment for illnesses and injuries
    • Observation of students for symptoms of communicable illnesses (such as the flu, chickenpox and strep throat).
    • Administration of medications as prescribed by a medical provider or requested by the parent with proper documentation done. Over-the-counter medication to be administered to a student must be provided by the parent with a completed medication administration form. 
    • Treatments and procedures as requested by the student’s medical provider
    • Immunization reviews to ensure that all students are in compliance with Virginia State laws.
    • Vision and hearing screenings for newly enrolled students. Services are available at any grade level at the request of the parent or teacher and during an evaluation for special placement.
    • Individual counseling and guidance for students with medical needs.

    It is the goal of the clinic to help your child maintain and achieve a good attendance record, while keeping the students and the faculty healthy. We are happy to partner with staff and parents to address any medical issues that may arise throughout the school year.


    • Immediately notify the PE teacher if your student has PE restrictions.
    • Provide current home, work and emergency contact numbers and information through Parent Portal or send in the corrected information to the front office.