•  2017-2021 Strategic Plan

    Goal 4: Operate effectively and efficiently

    The finance and operations departments will continue to provide award-winning results to City of Manassas residents through conservative, collaborative, and transparent budgeting and financial operations; innovative outreach to students to learn what nutritious meals to offer; safe and timely transportation; and well-maintained facilities that account for future growth and enhanced learning environments to meet the growing needs of students and staff.

     The finance and operations departments will provide high-quality service to our students and staff that enhances the learning environment in a cost-effective manner. Quality and efficiency in these departments are paramount to ensuring that all available funding is allocated to improve classroom instruction.

     To operate effectively and efficiently, MCPS is committed to the following objectives:

    • Exceed industry performance standards for facilities, transportation, food services, financial management, and safety and security
    • Develop specific energy conservation projects that will enhance the learning environment in a cost-effective manner
    • Expand the school nutrition program by providing multiple opportunities for meals
    • Enhance the safety, efficiency, and security of student transportation Adapt facilities and infrastructure to meet emerging needs in support of the learning and work environments

    Balanced Scorecard: 

    MCPS monitors and evaluates its progress toward each strategic goal by using key performance indicators (KPI) that are monitored through a balanced scorecard.  Below is the balanced scorecard for this goal. Data from the 2017-2018 school year will establish baseline values that will be used to evaluate the progress of each goal.

    Please click on the links below to view the dashboards associated with this goal.