4th Grade PLTW Modules

 Energy: Collisions Module



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Energy: Collisions Module

This is the second of three modules fourth grade will complete this year. This module will take place every day during the students' science time from Oct.30th-Dec. 3rd. However, the students will be integrating their science with technology, engineering, math, and language arts. They will also be using the Innovator Skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving throughout this module. 

This module begins with three fictional characters at an amusement park observing bumper cars. Through the example of the bumper cars, students are introduced to energy transfer and conversion in collisions. The students apply new skills and knowledge to solve a design problem where they are asked to design and build a restraint system to protect a passenger in a vehicle collision. The passenger is represented by an egg. The vehicle rolls down an inclined plane and collides with a solid object such as a wall.