• 2017-2021 Year Strategic Plan

    Goal 3:  Forge relationships to support and maximize success

    Communication with internal and external stakeholders is essential for a school division to support student learning and operate at an optimal level. During the past five years, MCPS has launched many new initiatives to enhance its communication practices and structure.

    MCPS families, employees, and the community can use the online platform Let’s Talk! to submit questions, make suggestions, offer ideas, and provide input about important issues. Internally, staff members are encouraged to submit dialogues via Let’s Talk! to receive a response from the superintendent. The questions and answers are shared with all MCPS staff members to optimize transparency. The school division also uses a mobile app to keep stakeholders informed about relevant news, announcements, and resources.

    Additionally, the division established the MCPS Parent and Community Leadership Academy for residents and businesses in the City of Manassas who want to better understand MCPS and its community. The members have an opportunity to grow personally and become better equipped to take on a more active role in division schools and the community.

     MCPS will forge relationships to support and maximize success by meeting the following objectives:

    • Communicate to families opportunities to acquire necessary information, knowledge, and skills to support their child’s learning at home and school
    • Expand community and business partnerships to broaden support for student learning
    • Strengthen internal communication within and across schools and departments

    Balanced Scorecard: 

    MCPS monitors and evaluates its progress toward each strategic goal by using key performance indicators (KPI) that are monitored through a balanced scorecard.  Below is the balanced scorecard for this goal.  Data from the 2017-2018 school year will establish baseline values that will be used to evaluate the progress of each goal.

    Please note the navigation pop-up bar that appears in the lower right-hand corner.  If this goal has more than one slide to view, the slide bar menu will enable a right arrow that you will need to click to view the remaining slides.