• 2017-2021 Year Strategic Plan

    Goal 2: Cultivate a culture of excellence and service

    An employee’s satisfaction with his or her employer is a contributing factor to job performance. MCPS believes in providing all our employees with a work environment that offers opportunities for excellent customer service, opportunities for collaboration, advancement, and lifelong learning.

    MCPS will continue expanding and improving services to increase all employees’ engagement, contribution, and accomplishment by meeting the following objectives:

    • Attract, develop, and retain highly effective instructional and support staff
    • Strengthen an open, collaborative working environment throughout MCPS

    Balanced Scorecard: 

    MCPS monitors and evaluates its progress toward each strategic goal by using key performance indicators (KPI) that are monitored through a balanced scorecard.  Below is the balanced scorecard for this goal. Data from the 2017-2018 school year will establish baseline values that will be used to evaluate the progress of each goal.

    Please note the navigation pop-up bar that appears in the lower right-hand corner.  If this goal has more than one slide to view, the slide bar menu will enable a right arrow that you will need to click to view the remaining slides.