• Emergency Safety 

    Manassas City Public Schools’ (MCPS) first priority during an emergency is the safety of all our students  and staff. The division has developed a Division-wide Emergency Operations Plan to deal with a wide  range of emergency situations that may impact our school community. The plan works in concert with  other local emergency preparedness plans. 

    Each school has an on-site emergency team composed of school staff. The schools regularly provide staff  with emergency training and practice various emergency drills with students and staff. Drills will include: 

    *Fire Drills at least one a week in the first month of school and at least once a month for the  remainder of the school year. 

    *Fall Back-To-School Lock-Down Drills 

    *Winter Lock-Down Drills 

    *Earthquake Drill 

    *Tornado drill 

    A division-wide Safety Team has also been established to assist schools in responding to  emergencies. These drills are consistent with the Virginia Standards of Accreditation. Prior to conducting  the drills, all students will be instructed in the proper procedures to be followed. Please encourage your  child to cooperate with school officials as we engage in these proactive safety measures. 

    If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the building principal.