Pre-K Program Information

  • 1. How many students in each class?

    • VPI classes have a maximum of 18 students. 
    • Each class has a full time certified teacher and instructional assistant. 

    2. What schedule do the children follow?

    • The VPI program follows the MCPS school year calendar. 
    • The Full Day VPI hours are the same as the elementary school day for each specific site. 
    • The Blended VPI (half day) hours are determined by the specific elementary site. 

    3. What is the curriculum in the VPI program? 

    4. Why is there a home visit for the Blended (Half Day) VPI?

    • The purpose of the home visit is to help the child make a smooth transition from home to school and to create a positive connection between the teacher and the child’s family.
    • A home visit is a special time that families can share about their child and their family.
    • Teachers will also share valuable information during the home visit that will help a family prepare their child to be successful in school.
    • Home visits are an opportunity to build relationships between home and school. When there is a positive and open relationship, children succeed!

    5. Is transportation provided for VPI students?

    • Transportation is provided for VPI students who live in the attendance zone of the school or use bus stops established for K-12 students attending the same school.