• Attendance


     What is good attendance? 

         Missing school one day or less each month or no more than nine days a year.


    In brief, Virginia Law:

    * requires parents to send children to school

    * requires students to attend school

    * requires schools to take specific actions when children are not enrolled or students fail to attend

    * authorizes law enforcement officers to pick up students who are skipping school

    * authorizes juvenile courts to take action against parents and/or children for failure to attend school


    Parents can verify their student’s absences by using one of the following methods:


    • Online Attendance Form


    • Written or Doctors note: 

    All notes require a parent/guardian signature and should be turned in to the attendance assistant located in the main office. 

    •  You may reach the attendance line by dialing:

    (571) 377-7034

    • Email: (must include parent's contact information)


Student Code of Conduct 2023-2024

  • (1) Attendance

    Students are required to attend school until the age of 18, unless released through application of procedures in the Virginia Code or School Board Policy. While enrolled in school, students may not "skip" school or classes or leave school without permission. Students are to be on time for school and classes.

    Students are required to attend all classes as scheduled each day. Students who choose not to attend school on a regular basis will be considered truant. This is a violation of Virginia law. If the student is under 18 years of age, the attendance officer may file a complaint with the juvenile and domestic relations court alleging the student is a child in need of supervision and/or initiate legal proceedings against the parent/guardian. All absences will be classified as unexcused until written documentation is provided.

    After 15 consecutive days of absence without approved home-bound or home-based Instruction, a student will be withdrawn from school, must be re-enrolled by a parent/guardian, and a referral may be made to the juvenile and domestic relations court.

    The School Board recognizes the right of students to be released from class to participate in religious activities and observances in accordance with School Board Policy. Absence from school for religious observances that are verified by the parent/guardian will be excused.

    Building administrators have the authority to assign consequences other than in-school and out-of-school suspension to students for violations of this section of the Student Code of Conduct. In no case may sufficient cause for suspension include only instances of truancy.

    School Board Policy JED-M, JEA, JEA-R, JHCCA-E

Attendance Team


    It is possible for errors to occur when entering classroom attendance. If a student suspects there may be an error in his/her attendance record, the student is to contact the teacher who entered the attendance in question. The attendance assistant can only accept attendance corrections/changes from teachers


    Ms. Wanda Vincente

    Dean of Students

    (571) 377-7067


    Students last name M-Z


    Ms. Betsy Ingles-Whitaker

    Associate Principal

    (571) 377-7065