• Attendance


     What is good attendance? 

    Missing school one-day or less each month or no more than nine days a year.


    In brief, Virginia law:

    * requires parents to send children to school

    * requires students to attend school

    * requires schools to take specific actions when children are not enrolled or students fail to attend

    * authorizes law enforcement officers to pick up students who are skipping school

    * authorizes juvenile courts to take action against parents and/or children for failure to attend school


    Parents can verify their student’s absences by using one of the following methods:


    • Online Attendance Form


    • Written or Doctors note: 

    All notes require a parent/guardian signature and should be turned in to the attendance assistant located in the main office. 

    •  You may reach the attendance line by dialing:

    (571) 377-7034

    • Email: (must include parents contact information)


Attendance Team

  • Ms. Carissa Diaz            

    Attendance Assistant

    (571) 377-7034





    Mr. Juan Lopez

    Dean of Students

    (571) 377-7068


    Students last name A-L


    Mr. Larry Gilligan

    Attendance Officer

    (571) 377-7023



    It is possible for errors to occur when entering classroom attendance. If a student suspects there may be an error in his/her attendance record, the student is to contact the teacher who entered the attendance in question. The attendance assistant can only accept attendance corrections/changes from teachers


    Ms. Wanda Vincente

    Dean of Students

    (571) 377-7067


    Students last name M-Z


    Ms. Betsy Ingles-Whitaker

    Associate Principal

    (571) 377-7065