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    Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Goals

    The content of the music curriculum, is intended to support the following goals for students:

    • Develop understanding of music through musical experiences including singing, playing instruments, performing, composing, listening, and responding to music with movement.
    • Develop the ability to read and notate music.
    • Create works of music that transcribe their thoughts and emotions into forms of musical expression.
    • Exercise critical-thinking skills by investigating and analyzing all facets of the music discipline.
    • Demonstrate awareness of and responsibility for the safe and responsible use of materials, equipment, methods, and technologies.
    • Demonstrate understanding of the relationship of music to history and culture.
    • Make connections between music and other fields of knowledge.
    • Demonstrate the ability to apply aesthetic criteria for making musical decisions.
    • Develop awareness of copyright and royalty requirements when rehearsing, performing, or otherwise using the works of others. (Note: Teachers will consistently model appropriate use of copyrighted and royalty-protected materials.)
    • Nurture a lifelong appreciation for music as an integral component of an educated, cultured society.

    VDOE Music Instructional Resources