• Programs and Services

    Classroom lessons:  Counselors provide lessons for each classroom. These lessons are designed to help students attain the desired competencies and to provide all students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills appropriate for their developmental levels. Additionally, lessons focus on three domains: academic, career, and social/emotional. All of the lessons follow the American School Counseling Association National Model (ASCA).

    Small Groups:  Small groups are available for your child based on individual needs. Student participation in small groups may be requested by students, parents, or teachers. Typically, groups meet once a week for 6 weeks.

    Individual Counseling:   Individual counseling is also available to students at the request of students, parents, or teachers.  Students wanting to see the counselors are asked to stop by our offices or let their teacher know they need to speak with one of us. Many students pop-in to resolve a quick conflict with a peer and do not need any follow-up.  Additionally, we try our best to have lunch with as many students throughout the year as possible. This allows us to get to know each one of the children in a relaxed environment.


What does a school counselor do?