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  • Dr. Ashley Cramp
    Director of Instruction


    Instructional Team

    Supervisor of Career and Technical Education

    Christine Taylor

    Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Innovation 

    Pedro Hernandez

    Pre-K-12 Elective Content Specialist

    Fine Arts, World Languages, Library Media 

    Carol Hartt

    Supervisor of Professional Learning 

    Katy Keegan

    Professional Learning Specialist 

    Muffin Wilcoski

    Supervisor of Gifted/Talented and Advanced Programs 

    Anthony Vargas

    K-12 Literacy Specialist 

    Heather James

    K-12 Math Specialist 

    Raymond Singletary

    K-12 History Specialist 

    Melissa Neal

    K-12 Science Specialist 

    Leslie Jones

    K-12 PE/Health/FLE/Drivers Ed Specialist

    Cathy Nowak

    Early Learning Community Counselor

    Sheyma Bautista

    K-6 ESOL Program Specialist 

    Laura Perez-Ruiz

    Instructional Specialist 

    Carrie Pendleton