Borrowing Privileges


    Kindergarten through Fourth Grade (Borrowing Privileges): Kindergarten and Grade 1 students may check out one book and students in grades 2-4 may check out two books at a time for two weeks. Students are welcome to keep books longer than two weeks if they are still reading them. However, it is expected that students will bring the book in and have library staff renew the book for them if it is past the due date. This will change the due date in our system and give the student more time to finish the book. If a student returns one library book on their library day, they may check out one additional book (for a total of two books out at any time). If a student does not return any books on their scheduled library day, they may not check out additional books. Students will be allowed to return their books, and check out a new one, at any time, if it does not interfere with classroom instruction time. Students must always check with their classroom teacher first before coming down to the library.


    First through Fourth Grade (Hold Policy): All students in grades 1 through 4 may put a book on hold if it is unavailable during their scheduled library day. This means that when the book they want is returned to the library, they will be the next student to check that book out. The book will be placed in the "Hold" bin with their library card and their teacher will be notified. Books will only be held for seven school days. Students must return at least one book prior to being able to check out their "hold" book. After seven days, if the student has not picked up their book it will be returned to the library shelves for circulation.


    Fines/Fees: There are no daily overdue fines, but students are expected to pay for items that become lost or damaged while checked out to them. If a book is returned that was previously paid for, a reimbursement check will be mailed to the home.