Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

  • The Manassas City Public School Board in conjunction with its City Council partners has prepared a preliminary Capital Improvement Plan Timeline that addresses the following:

    1. Placement, design and building of the New Dean Intermediate School (scheduled to open in August 2022).
    2. Redistricting (student placement) of the school division to establish a Pre-K Center at Baldwin Elementary School (300 students), reconfigure all city-wide elementary schools to be K-3 schools, and the establishment of two 1,000 student Intermediate schools (Dean and Mayfield).
    3. Renovation and transition of the MCPS Central Office from its current location (8700 Centreville Road) to the current City Public Safety Facility (Fairview Avenue) upon completion of the City planned new Public Safety Facility (Grant Avenue).
    4. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) funding needs and timeline.

    This timeline was established as a planning document to give structure to these projects so that established timelines can be met and progress measured.

    In an effort to make progress on these city-wide needs the School Board and the City Council have appointed two members from each body to serve on the School and Community Facilities Joint Planning Committee. The appointed members are:

    School Board:   Mr. Scott Albrecht & Ms. Robyn Williams
    City Council:     Mr. Ian Lovejoy & Mr. Ken Elston

    This committee along with the MCPS Division Superintendent and City Manager will work together to prepare a comprehensive/coordinated plan that will continue to enhance Manassas City for many years.

    Contact Information:
    Andy Hawkins
    Executive Director of Finance & Operations
    Phone: 571-377-6036
    Fax: 703-257-8825
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