Family Life Education (FLE)

  • Family Life Education has been taught successfully in Manassas City Public Schools since 1989. More than 99% of our student population has participated in the program since its inception. A committee of Manassas City Public Schools teachers, administrators, parents, students, healthcare professionals and representatives from the community developed the locally based curriculum to meet community needs.

    Family Life Education - Parent Preview Night 

    The Parent Preview Night for Family Life Education, grade 4 and Mayfield Structured class, will be held on Monday, January 31, at 7 p.m. in the Baldwin cafeteria.  Videos and lesson plans utilized in the teaching will be shared with parents at this time. Feel free to call Cathy Nowak (HPE and FLE specialist) at (571) 377-6084 if you have any questions. 

    Noche de información para los padres sobre el programa de Educación sobre la vida familiar (FLE)

    La noche de información para los padres sobre el programa de Educación sobre la vida familiar, para el 4° Grado y la clase estructurada de Mayfield se llevará a cabo el lunes 31 de enero a las 7:00 pm en la cafetería de Baldwin. Allí se compartirán con los padres los videos y planes de estudios que se utilizarán en el programa. Por favor comuníquese con Cathy Nowak (Especialista de HPE/FLE) al (571) 377-6084 de tener alguna pregunta.  

    Parents are encouraged to review the objectives for your child’s grade level.  

    Any parent or guardian that would like to see samples of activities, materials, or segments of the videos to become better acquainted with our approach to potentially sensitive material and have a parent Schoology Account  may may click HERE to request access to the FLE parent course.  If the parent or guardian does not have a parent Schoology Account click HERE for directions how to sign up.  Once signed up, click HERE for request to access the FLE parent course. 

    Parents have an opportunity to remove a child (“opt-out”) from any or all parts of the Family Life Education Program. Should you choose this option for your child, we ask that you complete the Family Life Education Nonparticipation Form (en Español) and return it to your child’s teacher.  If you have any questions, please call Cathy Nowak at 571-377-6084.

    We appreciate the involvement of parents in the program development and implementation and look forward to your continued support.


    Links to the MCPS Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum by grade level: