Family Life Education (FLE)

  • Family Life Education has been taught successfully in Manassas City Public Schools since 1989. More than 99% of our student population has participated in the program since its inception. A committee of Manassas City Public Schools teachers, administrators, parents, students, healthcare professionals, and representatives from the community developed the locally based curriculum to meet community needs.

    Parents are encouraged to review the objectives for your child’s grade level.  The K-10 curriculum and instructional materials are also available in the library at your child’s school.

    Thanks to all who attended the Parent Preview Night for the 2019-2020 School Year

    Details on 2020-2021 will be posted when available 

    Meeting participants will be able to see samples of activities and materials to become better acquainted with our approach to potentially sensitive material, which begins in grade 5 with a discussion of puberty and hygiene.

    Parents have an opportunity to remove a child (“opt-out”) from any or all parts of the Family Life Education Program. Should you choose this option for your child, we ask that you complete the Family Life Education Nonparticipation Form available in both English and Spanish. A copy is also available at your child’s school.

    We appreciate the involvement of parents in the program development and implementation and look forward to your continued support.