Local Assessments

  • Local assessments that are required by MCPS from a school division level are listed and explained below. Each assessment has been reviewed for purpose, use, and value to student learning. Please see the matrix at the bottom of this page to learn more about how MCPS has ensured a balanced assessment plan.

    Cumulative Assessment Measure (CAM)

    • This benchmark assessment will be administered twice during the school year. Dates of assessment will vary depending on the grade and subject being assessed. The primary purpose of the CAM assessment is to serve as a summative assessment, which is designed to reflect the instructional pacing of the course. It will inform teachers of what standards the students have mastered, approaching mastery, and/or are in need of additional instruction at a specific point in time. 
    • Assessed subjects:
      • Gr 1 – 11 English/Language Arts
      • Gr 1 - 8 Math
      • Algebra I, II, and Geometry
      • KG-8 Science
      • Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry
      • Kg - 8 Social Studies/History
      • World History I & II, USVA History, and US/VA Government 

    Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test (NNAT)

    • Administered to all 2nd-grade students and newly arrived English Learners in grades 2 through 6.
    • Used in the process of identifying potential students for the gifted and talented (GT) programs and is a non-verbal assessment.
    • Utilizes shapes and figures to evaluate problem-solving and reasoning abilities of a child without relying on their language skills


    Local Assessment Matrix

    Click this link to read the MCPS Balanced Assessment Plan. This plan includes a description of local, state, and national assessments and the purpose each one has in the instructional program.