Gifted & Talented Overview

  • The accurate, timely, and appropriate recognition of and service for the learning needs of gifted/talented students.

    Services for gifted/talented students are available in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  The Manassas City Public Schools program for gifted/talented students has been designed to offer differentiated curriculum and instruction to meet students' needs for significantly advanced acceleration in one or more content areas in a continuous and sequential manner.

    Areas of Giftedness

    MCPS offers these programs for gifted/talented students:

    • Kindergarten through fourth grade—General Intellectual Aptitude
    • Fifth grade through 12th grade—Specific Academic Aptitude
    • Sixth grade—students may produce portfolios to be evaluated for eligibility in the GT Visual Art program
    • Seventh grade through 12th grade - GT Visual Art

    General Intellectual Aptitude (GIA)
    General Intellectual Aptitude (GIA) students are those who have the ability to perform at a significantly high level in  both verbal (language, reading) and non-verbal (mathematics, quantitative reasoning) areas. MCPS' elementary GT program offers activities that have been modified in pace, sequence, and complexity to challenge identified students with such strengths. Students found eligible in the MCPS elementary GT program must be intellectually strong in both verbal and non-verbal areas. 

    Specific Academic Aptitude (SAA)
    Specific Academic Aptitude (SAA) students are those who have the ability to perform at a significantly high level in one or more content areas.  For example, some students demonstrate remarkable performance in mathematics, science, social studies, or English but not necessarily in all subjects.  The SAA identification allows MCPS to recognize the needs and aptitudes of more students at a time when students are maturing mentally, emotionally and physically. 

     Visual Art Aptitude (GT Art)
    GT Visual Art students (GT Visual Art) are those who have significantly high performance or potentially high performance in visual art.  These students' insights and abilities in the visual arts area warrant modification of services for their talent development in visual arts.


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