• Our School Counseling Vision:

    The Jennie Dean Elementary School counseling program envisions a future where our students become positive, successful members of our growing global community. They will utilize the skills we have provided to become academically successful, realize their ultimate career goals and become supportive, responsible members of our community.

    Our School Counseling Mission:

    The mission of the Jennie Dean Elementary school counseling program is to provide every student with access to a supportive and developmentally appropriate experience that promotes an equitable, thoughtful understanding of each student's academic, career and personal social needs that will be addressed to allow each student to achieve their personal best. Community partnerships and involvement will help support the development and growth of our students to help create citizens of our growing global community.

    How can a student receive counseling?


    What does the School Counselor provide to Students, Teachers, and Parents?

    Individual counseling: sessions are provided to help students resolve any concerns they may be facing that could potentially impact their overall success and well-being.

    Small Group counseling: sessions offered on various topics to support student’s academic, career and personal/social development.

    Classroom "REACH" lessons: focused on skills to support on academic, career, and personal/social development.

    Student Conflict Mediation: provides students a supportive environment to resolve peer conflicts.

    Parent/ Teacher Consultation: as needed

    Some topics covered in counseling include but are not limited to:

    • Leadership Skills
    • Coping Techniques
    • Social Skills 
    • Organizational Skills
    • Study Skills 
    • Peer Pressure
    • Life Skills 
    • Decision Making
    • Goal Setting 
    • Career/College Planning
    • Friendship
    • Growth Mindset
    • Self-Esteem
    • Bullying Prevention