Make an Appointment with the Writing Center

  • For additional writing support for your classes, the Eagle Writing Center tutors are available at OHS during Eagle Blocks and all lunches (B2/G2) in room 1212. Students can sign up for an appointment at Please contact with any questions or sign up issues.


    How to sign up for the EWC




About the Writing Center

  • The Osbourn Eagle Writing Center moves education beyond the traditional classroom by collaborating with students to cultivate skills useful to their future endeavors. Our goal is to create an environment that uses imperfections to progress a student’s writing ability; through that space, students can develop their own voice.

    Tutors are available for consultations during Eagle Block and all lunches (G2 & B2) in room 1212.

    For comments, questions, or concerns, email the Eagle Writing Center's director or assistant director

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