Individual and Small Group Counseling


    Individual Counseling

    Students can meet with the counselor one-on-one. Students can come on their own and arrange to see me, or they may be recommended to meet with me by their teacher or parents. With parental permission, I can set up short-term, weekly sessions that can last up to 8 weeks.

    Parents, please feel free to contact me if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your child. I tell the students that I am here to help them be the best student they can be, as well as to brainstorm solutions for their various concerns, together. Please note, counselors also love to hear when things are going well in their lives, and I encourage students to stop by and share good news!


    Small Group Counseling

    Throughout the year, various small groups will be offered to students. These groups will be determined by the recommendations of the parents/guardians, counselors, teachers, and administators. Most groups will be made up of 6-8 students and will last 6 weeks.

    Group topics might include: Friendship/Social Skills, Leadership Skills, Anger Management, Classroom Behavior, Zones of Regulation, Study Skills, Transitions, and Self-Esteem.