• OHS Honor Code

    The Osbourn High School Honor Code supports the development of personal and academic integrity.  To promote citizenship and an environment of respect and honesty, students will not engage in plagiarism, fraud, cheating, or theft.

    Additional information can be reviewed in the School Board Policies JFC-M and JEDA located on the Manassas City Public Schools website.


    Plagiarizing is defined as “present[ing] another’s words or ideas as one’s own or without attribution.” 1 Plagiarism is intellectual theft. 

    Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the following practices:

    • Paraphrasing or summarizing material from a source without proper citation (unless the material is considered common knowledge)
    • Directly copying entire passages or choice words and phrases from a source without using both quotation marks and proper citation
    • Copying a paper from another person and passing it off as your own


    Fraud is defined as “a deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.”  2

    Fraud includes, but is not limited to, the following practices:

    • Intentionally giving false information to any school faculty or staff
    • Signing a parent/guardian’s name or a name other than one’s own on any document
    • Hiring or paying another person or business to complete school assignments
    • Misrepresenting experience and/or participation in a club or organization on a resume
    • Presenting community service hours for course credit or another purpose when no service was performed
    • Submitting a project or assignment for credit more than once without making substantial changes or without getting teacher permission


    Cheating is defined as receiving or giving unauthorized academic assistance.

    Cheating includes, but is not limited to, the following practices:

    • Copying answers from another student’s assignment, in part or in whole
    • Allowing another student to copy from your assignment, in part or in whole
    • Providing or using unauthorized notes, data, online resources, or other aides such as dictionaries, calculators, cell phones, or other electronic devices during quizzes or tests
    • Pressuring someone to provide his or her assignment for the express purpose of copying


    Theft is defined as “the unlawful taking of the property of another.” 3

    Theft includes, but is not limited to, the following practices:

    • Taking someone else’s personal property, including academic work, without permission
    • Taking school property without permission
    • Taking a teacher’s materials from a classroom or workroom without permission


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    Osbourn Community Responsibilities

    Student Responsibilities

    • Learn and practice the OHS Honor Code
    • Pledge to uphold and sustain academic integrity in our school by being an example to others
    • Help create an academic environment where all members of the school community view cheating as socially unacceptable
    • Understand individual teacher assignment guidelines and, if anything in those guidelines is unclear, get clarification from the teacher

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

    • Fully understand and support the OHS Honor Code
    • Support the academic integrity of the school by establishing clear expectations that their students will adhere to the OHS Honor Code
    • Support the school's decision regarding consequences should their student(s) violate the Honor Code
    • Attend conferences with OHS personnel as requested

    Teacher Responsibilities

    • Clearly present the OHS Honor Code and individual assignment guidelines, including rules for proper citation of sources and specific guidelines for collaboration on assignments
    • Maintain the integrity of the testing process by monitoring test-taking, changing assignments as needed, and developing multiple versions of tests
    • Utilize a variety of resources to check for plagiarism and originality of thought
    • Report any violation of the OHS Honor Code to the parent/guardian and appropriate administrator with a discipline referral

    Administrator Responsibilities

    • Provide students, parents, and faculty/staff with a written copy of the OHS Honor Code
    • Maintain a written record of OHS Honor Code violations in student discipline folders
    • Administer OHS Honor Code violation consequences according to the guidelines, including parent conferences