About AVID 11

  • The primary focus for the 11th grade AVID Elective is organization and utilization of the AVID binder. The second focus is mastery of Cornell note-taking for all classes, SAT prep, vocabulary strategies, tutorial request forms (TRF - students working collaboratively for tutor support for all content classes), and career and college research.

    For career research, juniors research required majors and entrance criteria for their top five college choices. Juniors also prepare for their SAT/ ACT college entrance exam. As a class, they will be participating in the March SAT/ ACT.

    For their second semester college and career project, AVID students complete a portfolio with their top five college application requirements completed.

    To find more sources for class please use the following link: https://sites.google.com/a/mcpsva.org/avid-11/

Meet the AVID 11 Team