About AVID 10

  • The primary focus for the 10th grade AVID Elective is to refine and master the skills taught in AVID 9: Cornell note-taking for all classes, SAT prep, vocabulary strategies, tutorial request forms (TRF - students working collaboratively for tutor support for all content classes), and career and college research.

    The second focus is student self-reflection. The students will have several assignments about themselves: an autobiographical incident essay, personality profile type and then matching that with careers, learning styles project and growth mindset activity. We hope the students will learn about themselves as a learner throughout this school year in order to make more informed choices about their future colleges and careers.

    The year culminates with a college research project. Where the students research a school of their choose in Virginia and see if they can see themselves attending that college in the future. 

Meet the AVID 10 Team