• Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) at Osbourn High School

    AVID is a rigorous college preparatory program for students in grades 9-12. This program is for highly motivated students who are sincere about becoming best competitive for college.

    While concurrently enrolled in rigorous college preparatory courses, students will be enrolled in the AVID elective class learning strategies that will enhance their academic success.  The AVID curriculum focuses on WICOR: Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organized, and Reading (WICOR).  Aspects of the course curriculum include the following:

    • Tutor led tutorials/support
    • Socratic seminars
    • Philosophical chairs
    • Organization and Cornell Note Taking
    • SAT Prep and College Research
    • and other higher learning college strategies.

    College research is another focus point in the AVID elective.  AVID students will research colleges and majors in which they are most interested.

    While the target group for AVID is students with G.P.A. 2.0 – 3.5, any student interested is interviewed for the program, especially students who need support taking advanced, rigorous curriculum and preparing for college.

    The AVID screening/interview process starts early in the spring for class selection for the following fall semester.  The program is a sequential class, building rigor and college strategies each year. AVID is an elective class that fulfills an elective credit.The AVID elective classes opened Fall 2014, student screening begins in February each year.

    Contact Information:

    Matt Ball

    AVID District Director and Osbourn Site Coordinator

    Manassas City Public Schools