Health & Related Services

  • The primary purpose of School Health Services is to protect and promote health, facilitate optimal development, and advance academic success for all students. MCPS school nurses bridge health care and educational needs, provide care coordination, and collaborate to design systems that enhance each student’s development. School nurses strive to enhance the educational environment by collaborating with students, families, providers, and school staff. Health Services provided by school nurses during the school day may include:

    • Provide acute and/or emergency health care for students
    • Monitor for and help to control communicable diseases
    • Collaborate to provide health screenings/related parent information in compliance with state requirements
      • Annual vision and hearing screening of all students in kindergarten, 3rd grade, 7th grade, 10th grade, and students newly enrolled in the district
      • Scoliosis information is linked and distributed to parents of students in grades 5-10
    • Review student physical examination and immunization records for compliance with the Virginia Department of Health requirements for student enrollment
    • Plan and collaborate to provide in-school care for students with chronic or ongoing health care needs
    • Promote health and safety
    • Supervise the administration of medications
    • Train school staff to provide health care services/procedures as appropriate
    • Provide health care counseling and education
    • Facilitate student access to health care resources/providers and communication between school, families, and providers
    • Monitor health status and trends

    Parents are encouraged to keep the school informed of current contact information including phone numbers for work, cell, home, pagers, or any other means whereby they can be contacted during the school day should the need arise. Emergencies can occur at any time. It is urgent that your child's school be able to reach parents and caregivers.

    Collaboration and communication with parents, guardians, and physicians is essential for caring for our students successfully. Please update your information in the Parent Portal at the beginning of each school year or when necessary.