Gifted & Talented Overview

  • According to the National Association for Gifted Children, academically gifted and talented students in this country make up approximately 6-10% of the total student population. The goal of the MCPS GT program is to help these students reach their full academic potential. Any student may be referred to us to be tested for GT eligibility. 

Gifted & Talented Workshop
  • Many parents have asked, “How do I know if my child is gifted?” Here are some basic differences between a bright student and a gifted one:

    BRIGHT STUDENT                        GIFTED STUDENT

    - Answers questions                     - Discusses in detail, elaborates
    - Works hard                                 - Plays around, yet tests well
    - Completes projects                    - Initiates projects
    - Technician                                  - Inventor


    • Students may be referred by their parents, teachers or themselves.
    • Referral forms are available in both English and Spanish for grades 1 through 12 under the GT Referral menu item on the left side of this page.
    • Referral forms may also be obtained by contacting Anthony Vargas at 571-377-6088 or


    • Referred students complete the following:
      • an abilities test (CogAT)
      • achievement tests (MAP)
      • portfolio activities


    • Programming matches student needs and is not a “one-size fits all” format. Below you will find general examples of program offerings. Not all students participate in all programming options. Please contact your child’s gifted resource teacher with specific questions about services. 
      • Kindergarten: Supporting a Talent Advancing Readiness (STAR) enrichment program. All students are exposed to gifted enrichment lessons throughout the year.
      • Grades 1-6: General education classroom cluster grouping with in-class support, gifted resource classroom enrichment lessons, or gifted individualized education plans.
      • Grades 7-12: Specialty advanced programs, general education classroom cluster grouping with in-class support, gifted resource enrichment lessons, or gifted individualized education plans.


    The National Association for Gifted Children 
    Virginia Association for the Gifted 
    Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted 

  • Anthony Vargas
    Supervisor of Gifted and Talented
    Phone: 571-377-6088


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