Counselor's Corner

  • Counseling Lessons:  Counseling lessons address character education and other developmental skills. Counseling lessons focus on one of three domains: academic, career, and personal/social. All of the lessons follow the American School Counseling Association National Model (ASCA).


    Small Groups: Small groups are available for your child that address kindness, leadership, friendship, or other individual student needs. Student participation in small groups may be requested by students, parents, or teachers. Typically, groups meet once a week for six to eight weeks.  Parent permission forms are required for participation in a small group. 


    Individual Counseling: Individual counseling is also available at the request of students, parents, or teachers.  Students may ask to see a counselor by filling out a request form in Schoology or by letting their teacher know.  Once we are notified of a request, we will reach out to the student as soon as possible.