• Education of Homeless Children and Youth

    If you lose your home, you don't have to lose your school. Access to education is mandated by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act of 2001. The definition of homelessness applies to children and youth with uncertain housing, a temporary address or no permanent address.

    Assistance is available for residents of the City of Manassas with school age children and unaccompanied youth living in the following situations:

    • living in shelters
    • living in motels
    • doubled up with family or friends due to lack of housing or income
    • living in campgrounds, cars, or other outside places
    • in the above conditions and is a migratory child or youth

    For more information about homeless families' rights, please visit the Project Hope website.


    Manassas City Public Schools Policy
    Admission of Homeless Children

    Manassas City Public Schools Regulation
    Admission of Homeless Children

    How Manassas City Public Schools May Help

    Meet expectations for courteous, discrete and confidential examination of your particular situation when you arrive to enroll your children.

    • Enroll a student in school without the normal records required. School registrar personnel will help you locate lost records or get them from a previous school. You may enroll immediately while records are being located. 
    • School of Origin may be maintained. This means that if you are in any of the above living situations, your child may stay in the school he or she attended before your living situation changed.  We want to help you keep your child in one school for one year, when feasible. 
    • Transportation may be provided. Students in all of the above situations have the right to be transported to and from school.
    • Free breakfast and lunch are automatically available when you live in the above situations.
    • School Supplies, clothes, and referrals to community agencies are also available.


    Contact Information:
    Dr. Monique Cowell
    Local Liaison for Homeless Students and Families