Department of Student Services

  • The Department of Student Services supports student performance by providing leadership, management, and accountability for special education, school counseling, student registration, student health, social work, student assistance, attendance, homebound, home instruction, religious exemptions, tuition requests, assessment, diagnostic, psychological, and parent resource services.

    The Executive Director of Student Services oversees the following:  

  • Registration

  • Student Support Services

  • Home Instruction

  • Homebound Instruction

  • Special Education

  • School Social Workers

  • Student Health Services

  • School Nurses

  • ESOL/Federal Programs

  • Safety

  • Other Areas

  • Dr. Chevese Thomas 
    Executive Director
    Student Services
    Phone: 571-377-6082
    Fax: 703-257-8805

    Johana Orellana
    Administrative Associate II
    Phone: 571-377-6082
    Fax: 703-257-8805