• The intervention program works within Manassas City Public Schools to identify at-risk students at any grade level.  Our goal is to organize and implement interventions that address specific issues that students face. We establish and sustain a relationship with parents of at-risk students to determine the effectiveness of implemented interventions and modify them as needed.  Our primary goal is to increase students access to education providing a solid foundation for graduation.

    Core Responsibilities:

    • Fostering Connections (liaison for enrollment of foster students)
    • Project Hope (liaison for enrollment of homeless students)
    • Homebound/home base instruction support
    • Truancy/JDR Court Cases
    • Learnfare (TANF Grant Recipients)
    • Collaboration with school personnel to assist with these issues

    Contact Information
    Maxine Taylor, Intervention Specialist

    Phone: 571-377-7251
    Fax: 703-257-8801