• The Intervention program works with City schools to identify at risk students at any grade level.  Our goal is to organize and implement interventions that address specific issues that students face.  We establish and sustain a relationship with parents of at-risk students to determine the effectiveness of the interventions that were implemented and modify them as needed.  Our primary goal is to increase the number of at-risk students who complete the requirements for graduation.

    Core Responsibilities:

    • Fostering Connections (liaison for the enrollment of foster children in MCPS)
    • Homeless Liaison (Project Hope)
    • Homebound/Home base instruction support
    • Truancy/JDR Court Cases
    • Learnfare (TANF Grant Recipients)
    • Data collection and reporting (dropouts, homeless students, truancy)
    • Collaboration with school personnel to assist with these issues

    Contact Information
    Maxine Taylor, Intervention Specialist

    Phone: 571-377-7251
    Fax: 703-257-8801