Transportation FAQs

  • Q.  How will I know if the bus will operate during inclement weather?
      In the event it is necessary to close or delay the opening of school because of inclement weather or other circumstances, local radio and television stations will carry the information. Every effort will be made to announce this type of news by 6 a.m. When no announcement is made on days in question, this will indicate that school is in session and on the regular schedule.  (View a list of local radio and television stations)

    Q. What are the parent's responsibilities?
    A. Have your child ready for school and ready at the bus stop 10 minutes before pick-up time. Teach your child their full name, home address, and telephone number where an adult family member may be contacted in an emergency. Review the School Bus Safety Rules. If necessary, accompany your child to the curb at the bus stop. In the event you are unable to be home when your child arrives, arrange an alternate plan with your child: where to go, talk to a neighbor, etc. Careful planning for the unexpected can greatly reduce your child's anxieties! If necessary, be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to drop off your child.

    Q. What if my child needs to get off at a stop other than the assigned stop?
    Your child must have a note signed and dated by yourself and a building principal indicating the request. This is a protection for your child. Be aware that each child has only one bus stop. Any change to the stop must be requested in writing by the parent.

    Q. What are the student's responsibilities?
    All students are expected to follow the bus rules for their safety and for others who ride the bus.

    Q. What are the school bus driver's responsibilities?
    Bus drivers are responsible for driving the bus safely, transporting the students, and keeping to the route time schedule.

    Q. How will safety infractions be handled?
    . The driver will attempt to discuss the safety infraction with the student. If there are repeated infractions, or an infraction of a serious nature, the driver may discuss the problem with the student's parent or guardian. Drivers are required to file a written referral of all bus violations to the building administrators.  The principal decides what the disciplinary action will be: detention, suspension from school, suspension of bus riding privileges, and/or parent conference to enforce safe behavior on the bus in accordance with the division’s Student Code of Conduct.